2013 and the Road to Supernova Elite?

The first week of January, I was still grinding on Unibet for their “King Midas” promo where top rakers would earn gold. In the meantime, one of my friends (Otb_RedBaron) decided it would be cool to hit Supernova Elite on Pokerstars. Not to be outdone, me & Flufferd gave it a shot.

Supernova Elite (or SNE) is the highest VIP tier on Pokerstars. Starting the year as a Supernova, hitting SNE by the end of the year would be worth €76.706 in milestone rewards and cash bonuses on pokerstars.be. The following year, it would be worth €95.159.

The obvious downside is that you need to reach 1 MIRRION VPPs. Last year, I hit about 450k VPP, grinding mostly 4x 500 NL zoom. To reach 1M, I definitely needed to step up my game. And so I did (or at least tried).

My plan was to start out each session with 4x 500 Zoom and then add decent regular 600 & 1K NL tables, possibly 2k. If I had too many regular tables, I’d close some zoom ones. This happened at the “4 zoom, 5 regular tables” mark. I grinded a lot, but all this furious multitabling I wasn’t used to, made me play pretty shitty.

I talked to adam001 about becoming SNE, and he was going for it grinding 4x 200 & 4x 500 zoom. I tried that out, but it just went way too fast for me. I couldn’t handle all the action while playing decent AND without timing out.

It showed…

January Results

January Graph

Most hands I had ever played in a single month, but no €’s to make it worth my while.

My plan for February was to ‘take it easy’: play 2x 200 & 4x 500 NL Zoom and see where that got me. A month later I can safely say it wasn’t going to be SNE.

6x zoom is about 1200 hands/hour. However, it’s ‘only’ about 600 VPP/hour. Reaching SNE that way is just going to take the fun out of poker for me. The part I love the most about my job is that I can just play poker whenever I feel like it. I can grind decent volume each month without having to force myself to do so. I’d rather keep doing that and make some profit the old fashioned way instead of playing worse and hopefully making up for it with the rewards SNE would deliver.

So I quit the quest for SNE and felt pretty happy about it. I could fill my days again doing whatever I wanted, without feeling guilty about not playing enough hands. Maybe some people need the extra push to produce some volume, but for now I’m one of the lucky guys that don’t.

Feb results

February Graph

Boom, profit!

You know what they say…


€10k  a month keeps the doctor away.



I’m going to keep playing this 6x zoom setup for a while, and maybe dabble back into 1 & 2k NL later on. In the meantime, I’m trying to improve my knowledge of GTO in poker (wrote a small introduction in Dutch for pokerclub.be) and get to know CREV to make some equity calculations to impress y’all.

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